Car Branding | Let Gulliver roam in lilliput land [1]

PhotobucketCar branding always fascinate me, as most car brands understand that we buy cars NOT for their functional value (they must all move us from point A to B… duh!!!), but for their EMOTIONAL & SYMBOLIC Values. So you’ll see plenty posts on the subject of Car Branding.


And let’s also not forget that cars are mankind’s SECOND SINGLE BIGGEST investments after home ownership!

When you’ve tried every trick in the book on how to peddle cars via TVCs, here’s an interesting take on Gulliver in Lilliput Land.

And if you’re wondering what is a giant doing in diminutive people’s territory… just watch the commercial… until the voice over comes and declares the all-new 2012 Acura RDX to be… :

“Intelligently built for the size of your life.”


Advertising Agency: rp&, USA
Executive Creative Director: John Hage
Head of Art: Phillip Squier
Copywriter: Rich Siegel
Art Director: Puja Shah
Executive Producer: Jack Epsteen
Senior Producer: Carolyn Casey
Production Company: Station Films
Executive Producers: Caroline Gibney, Michael Di Girolamo
Line Producer: John Madsen
Directors: Dom & Nic
DP: Steve Chivers
Visual Effects: Moving Pictures Company
Executive Producer: Asher Edwards
Producer: John Attard
2D Lead Artists: Benoit Mannequin, Yourick Van Impe
2D artists: Peter Cvijanovic, Ben Davidson, Will Voss Johnson, Thomas Price, Ben Persons, Matt Bramante, Lisa Ryan, Katerina Arroyo
CG lead: Aron Hjartarson
3D artists: Bruno Maremonte, Yas Koyama, Ross Denner, Michael Wynd, Fred Durand
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Audio Post: Juice Audio West
Engineer: Bob Gremore
Editorial: Arcade
Executive Producer: Damian Stevens
Producer: Amburr Farls
Editor: Kim Bica
Sound Design: Robot Repair
Sound Designer: Doug Darnell


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