Brand-Building | Because consistency rules… Here’s proof

coca cola versus pepsi branding

No backstory required. In every product category there are usually two strongest players, the “dynamic duo” who dominate the market share. … think McD & Burger King, Benz and Beemer, Nike and Reebok (well… make that Adidas now, they’re the new owners) … and the two above famous Colas.

Every wondered why Coke is consistently the victor in the Cola Wars, although many blind tests have demonstrated that consumers prefer Pepsi’s taste to Coke’s?

So what’s Coke’s secret formula to Brand Dominance?

Consistency is key, my friends!! And Coke knows that full well.. make that BRUTALLY WELL!!!! They understand the human mind, and the power of consistency… blasting the same image, color, font, logo at us through myriad commercials and messages… And we all know that Coke Is It!

Inspiration: Swiss Miss


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