Airline Branding | Brand positioning using humor, Zuid Afrika style… [1]

PhotobucketAs with my previous posts on the subject of Airline Brand Strategy, here’s one good story how to get heads turning and grab the attention of the fickle air travel consumers.

We all know that the skies are getting crowded by the day. It’s a business of paradox really, while full service airlines are dying, and many like Sabena, Spanair, Malev (the latest victim) will never be resuscitated, new entrants are lining up around the world. LCC’s (Low Cost Airlines a.k.a. Budget Carriers, or No-Frills Airlines) are the “flavor of the month,” popping up anywhere there is an air strip and a market of passengers wanting to travel. Or so it seems.

20120506-031533.jpgSo if you are a new LCC kid on the block, how do squeeze for market share in the increasingly competitive global market?

Learn from Richard Branson (with his Virgin franchise) or Air New Zealand and infuse some humor into the brand and its communication. Virgin relies on Branson’s antics, while Air New Zealand resorts to making statements in the buff (well sometimes, at least).

With a name like KULULA, you’d think they already have a head start.

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So here’s what Kulula, a Budget Airline from South Africa did, treating their planes like blank canvases, and decided to inject some cheeky humor into the design of the livery, as well as Brand Activation, using a vintage vehicle with the same paint job to deliver the quirky message.

This aircraft livery design was part of their “Flying 101” Campaign.

What I found brilliant was that they took something as simple as – the common and nagging FAQs that passengers may have on the various aspects of commercial airlines, baggage weight restrictions, onboard liquid restrictions, to learning the airline Alphabet lingo, and traveling with young kids and pets. And they took all that and plastered it on the aircrafts exterior!

… recently received the rebranding treatment from their in house creative team. They applied a Flying 101 diagram to the plane, that points to its various parts including the engine, black box and landing gear.



Inspiration: Chris Rawlinson, PSFK, Jetsetta


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