Car Branding | Chevy Cruze, a car for every dreamer out there…

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Car branding always fascinates me, as most car brands understand that we buy cars NOT merely for their value (getting us from point A to B is of course a given… duh!!!), but rather for their EMOTIONAL & SYMBOLIC Values. So expect plenty of posts on this subject.

And let’s also not forget that cars are mankind’s SECOND SINGLE BIGGEST investment after home ownership!

So here’s one for the new Chevy 2012 Cruze.

The most memorable and connectable commercials are mostly those that portray a “slice of life”, as the target audience can directly relate to the scene(s) as their own daily life experience.

As is shown in this TVC that depicts the daily life of a struggling artist, who dreams to make it to the real (big) stage… of life. Someday soon! For now, she’s in good company of her loyal car that takes her everywhere she needs to be, as she embarks on her life’s journey. Aspirations and musical ambitions intact, no doubt!


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