Automotive Branding | The beauty of every click and clack in a car…

Car branding always fascinates me, as most car brands understand that we buy cars NOT merely for their value (getting us from point A to B is of course a given… duh!!!), but rather for their EMOTIONAL & SYMBOLIC Values. So expect plenty of posts on this subject.

And let’s also not forget that cars are mankind’s SECOND SINGLE BIGGEST investment after home ownership!

This is a TVC for the all-new 2012 Honda Civic, all the way from the Land of Down Under, Australia.

PhotobucketThey creative minds behind this commercial decided to focus on all the different sounds that accompany you during your daily drive. They are suggesting that if we listen carefully (and w/ a pretty wild imagination… when we’re not irate for sitting in traffic during our regular morning commute) we could actually start hearing…. A Symphony in Motion.


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