Lighter side of branding | Hair-raising road trips [1]

Some TVCs are more attention grabbing than others. Like Cadillac’s latest to promote their newest, smallest vehicle, the 2013 Cadillac ATS. In the TVC, part ofATS vs. the World campaign, Cadillac has commissioned a series of dynamic films in which the new luxury sport sedan confronts some of the world’s extreme roads and treacherous driving conditions.

And what I particularly like about the TVCs is that they transport you to different exotic locations around the world, specifically those with extreme landscapes/driving conditions, and the Cadillac ATS elegantly navigates through these man-made challenges in amazing natural settings.

The cinematic adventure takes the ATS from the deserts of Morocco, to the streets of Monaco, to the Guoliang Tunnels in China and windswept Patagonia, Chile. Each challenge showcases aspects of the car’s agility, driving performance and efficient design.


The campaign includes short films, ads and photography, directed by Academy Award-nominated documentary film maker Joe Berlinger, and Jeff Zwart, an acclaimed automotive expert and film maker. The driver in the spots is Derek Hill, a champion race driver and son of Phil Hill, the only American to win the World Driving Championship. American actor and filmmaker Ross Thomas hosts the series, which includes short films highlighting aspects of the ATS and the cultures of the locations featured in the challenges.

In Patagonia, famed as the windiest place on earth, the ATS’s advanced aerodynamics are put to the test. In Morocco, Hill pilots the ATS through a treacherous road in the Atlas Mountains that features 100 corners. In Monaco, ATS attacks the intricate and legendary Monaco Grand Prix circuit. And in China, Magnetic Ride Control technology helps ATS confront the remote hand–carved Guoliang Tunnel Road.

“It took global scale and a directorial dream team to help us pull off a production of this magnitude,” said Pat Fallon of Fallon Minneapolis, the agency behind the ad. “Jeff Zwart is one of the best car shooters in the world and Joe Berlinger is an Oscar-nominated documentarian with a great eye for human stories. A combination of talent like that is something that we just don’t see that often.”


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