Lighter side of branding | In pursuit of the finer things in life…

I like this TVC for this marquee from Japan that made a conscious decision in 1989 to challenge the dominance of European and American luxury car brands. The brand is a no brainer, we all know who it is, but that’s beside the point. What caught my attention was the perfect brand association in this TVC, where you only see the car featured very briefly in the back.

The TVC opened by showing different scenes – all beautifully shot, I might addd! – and a short phrase that really begs the question: what are we really in pursuit of…? Indeed we all have our pet peeves, our secret desires, or just a bucket list of the activities that we want to pursue before we die.

Whatever these might be, it’s clear that the imagery presented by this car brand shows very specific activities and past times that successful or the very wealthy pursue because they can afford it. But it also ponders the question: what is luxury? What is luxury to you, the consumer? For some it might be raising and riding a thoroughbred horse, while for some others it might be an escape on a kayak trip to a faraway place where the luxury is the serene and quiet surroundings. It’s all relative.

In 1989 Toyota entered the luxury car market with the Lexus line of vehicles. When advertising began for the new line, the slogan was simple:“The relentless pursuit of perfection.” Over the years it has been modified, appearing as “The passionate pursuit of perfection,” and most recently, “The pursuit of perfection.”

Inspiration: Ideas Inspiring Innovation; Joe Lovino

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