Destination Branding | Pursuing innovation to her shores, using Irish luck [1]

Irish-Shamrock_3-leaf-clover_IE-1Quick, what comes to mind when I throw at you the name Ireland? If you follow international business news your answer today would probably be quite different from say four years ago, pre global recession. In those days, Ireland was known for its fast growing economy, and was even called Europe’s Tiger Economy.  Ireland was grouped together with other countries who had an uncommonly higher economic growth rate: Portugal, Greece, Spain (collectively known by their acronym: PIGS).

220px-PIGSmap.svgIreland was recognized as for its pro-business Government and relaxed legal system, a well-educated, English-speaking (an oxymoron I know!) professional workforce, and a young one at that.

Illustration_Light bulb_taken from IDA Ireland_IE 1Fast forward a few years later, it’s quite another story. But I’m not posting this to blabber about Ireland’s fall from grace, and how its economy had succumbed to hard times, but rather on how it implemented its country branding. More specifically how it created the right image to attract trade and investment.

I stumbled upon the below print ads, commissioned by IDA Ireland, the country’s government body responsible for investment and trade promotion. I might add that this campaign was created in October 2009, so just as the global recession was sweeping through the world, impacting every economy, including Ireland’s.


“New thinking is not about the dollars you invest,” one ad asserts. “It’s about the people you invest in.”

“Google googled the planet for the perfect location for their business. They came up with Ireland.”

Brand name: Ida Ireland
Agency: Mcconnells
Country: Ireland
Category: Public awareness
Released: October 2009
Credits & Description:
Advertising Agency: McConnells, Dublin, Ireland
Creative director / Copywriter: Laurence Keogh
Creative director / Art director: Tim Mudie

Inspiration: Coloribus

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