Brand building | Acknowledge and celebrate your (brand) heritage [1]

Logo_Lincoln Lux Car Brand_dian hasan branding_US 3We all know that American automotive industry has fallen on hard times, a condition further exacerbated by the recession. Foreign makes have been kicking their butts for quite some time. And if you ask any customer shopping for luxury cars, American models will rarely be considered – with Cadillac probably being an exception – but only to a mild degree.

A few brands have made a decent come back, and bounced back with their sales. Take Ford, for example, their new design direction is bringing relatively sexy and good looking new cars in the showrooms. And customers are responding positively. Sales are up and Ford is having much better results, at least it’s back in black and making money again.

GM’s performance is not too shabby either, although their journey in redesigning their new line-up is not as dramatic as Ford’s. And Cadillac has made major changes to how they present their brand. I posted about the cool TVC’s for the new mid-size luxury sedan Cadillac ATS recently [click here].

…an unusual advertising campaign that features Abraham Lincoln, the president for whom the brand is named…

Logo_Lincoln Lux Car Brand_dian hasan branding_US 2So it came as a nice surprise when I recently saw a TVC for the new  Lincoln 2013 MKZ mid-size sedan, the “other” American luxury car brand. The Lincoln brand – which is owned by Ford and specifically focuses on the luxury segment – has suffered for a long time, as a rebadged Ford, with different grille and interior treatment, but the differentiation is not enough to win over customers to want to drive them.

As recently as the 1990s, Lincoln was the top-selling luxury automotive brand in the United States. Its large Town Car sedan and hulking Navigator S.U.V. defined the brand, and sales topped more than 230,000 vehicles a year.

But since then, Lincoln has been left in the dust by the German category leaders BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota’s Lexus division. This year, Lincoln ranks eighth in the American luxury segment, with sales down 2 percent, to 69,000, vehicles in the first 10 months of the year.

Logo_Lincoln Lux Car Brand_dian hasan branding_US 1

The TVC starts with an image of Abraham Lincoln, the president for whom the brand is named.


The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ, mid-size luxury sedan


The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ, mid-size luxury sedan

The new ad traces back Lincoln’s heritage and all its past glory. Making reference to all the past big names – whether Presidents, Celebrities, or other Luminaries – that are linked to the Lincoln Brand Story. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the copy and voice over.

Inspiration: The New York Times


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