Brand building | Acknowledge and celebrate your (brand) heritage [2]

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Lincoln was originally called the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, when Edsel Ford signed the agreement purchasing the company from its founder Henry Leland. During its early years, Edsel worked with numerous custom-body suppliers to make Lincoln one of the most distinctive luxury brands in the industry, with motorcars that were urbane, sleek and elegant — the epitome of understated luxury.

By reintroducing “The Lincoln Motor Company,” the campaign captures the founding principles of the company and brings them forward to a new generation of progressive luxury buyers.

“Befitting this new chapter in the life of Lincoln we are making a complete new start in every aspect of consumer communication to emotionally welcome our new target customer into our brand,” said Matt VanDyke, Director of Global Lincoln Brand. “It’s not often this opportunity comes around so we intend to make the most of it and have our work in every medium be as fresh, surprising and distinctive as the new Lincoln vehicles and customer experiences will be.”

This is about what 90 years of doing what others are not.

An openmindedness to the way things open.

This is about shifting the concept of shifting.

It’s about finding inspiration in the unexpected.

And being an audiophile’s dream within a dream.

It’s making genes look simple.

This is about going places others aren’t.

Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company.


A visual reminder of Lincoln’s long brand history.


Showcasing Lincoln’s commitment to adhering to today’s lifestyle that a car is more than mere mode of transport, it’s an audiophile’s haven!


A visual reminder of Lincoln’s illustrious past. This was – after all – the same model of Presidential Limo that JFK was in when he was assassinated. Well, history can’t be erased, but the point is that Lincoln wasn’t born yesterday, and it’s attempting to regain its former glory as a luxury marquee.

Inspiration: Barron’s


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