Lighter side of branding | Reaching out to underachievers and spreading the gospel of critical thinking

Minddrive_design by Muller Bressier Brown_Design Annual 2012_Ad Agency Muller Bressler Brown_US 1

I was drawn to the great logo design before even knowing what the organization did. Turns out it’s a fascinating organization, based in Kansas City, Missouri, that lofty idealism to help urban kids and underperforming young adults. Their mission is to equip these less fortunate young souls with the practical knowledge and skill set needed to advance in life, and to keep them off the streets. And regain their potential.

Their tools of trade? The simple car, which they use as a learning tool, by turning the cars upside down and inside out to learn what they’re made of. Their name couldn’t be more appropriate, MINDDRIVE, and their logo communicates this brilliantly. Notice how the brain is designed to resemble a highway.

MINDDRIVE uses real-world issues of our times to teach urban students, most who have slipped through the cracks and are learning at a grade level below their age group. We teach critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship and how to improve their future outlook by expanding their vision for themselves.

… offer opportunities to succeed on many levels by addressing academic, social and economic challenges unique to each student.


The educational objective is to give the students the tools to process creative thinking, see the potential for realizing dreams for a successful future and instill a greater desire to learn in the students. The process involves a unique pairing of an experienced automotive mentor with each student.


Minddrive_design by Muller Bressier Brown_Design Annual 2012_Ad Agency Muller Bressler Brown_US 2

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