Hotel Branding | When you’re already known for your carefree furniture… go the distance… plant a flag [1]

DEDON_Island_created-by-Matt-Jones_4 DEDON_Island_created-by-Matt-Jones_3 DEDON_Island_created-by-Matt-Jones_2 DEDON_Island_created-by-Matt-Jones_1

Dedon is a furniture brand from Germany, popular for their all-weather artificial wicker furniture. Their popularity is huge in resort areas – especially in beach destinations across in South East Asia. And if the old adage “imitation is the greatest form of flaterry” rings true, in Bali, home to the world’s most creative people that can turn any material into a work of art, Dedon has plenty of company. All of today’s outdoor furniture deisgn looks like Dedon. I know Dedon has attempted to sue these copy cats for years, but there are simply too many plagiarists out there.

Logo_Dedon Island_Saguiro_PH 1

So it’s nice to see Dedon venture into a new territory – Hotels. And naturally extend the Brand Dedon into a resort that promises to be just as chic as their world-famous outdoor furniture.

Aptly called DEDON ISLAND, the resort is located in Siargao, near Cebu, the Philippines. Dedon Founder, Bobby Dekeyser created this eco-friendly resort with some loft missions in mind – sustainability is key and the “give-back” component to the immediate community and the ennvironment is evident in the resort’s overall design.

DEDON Island_photo Massimo Vitali_PH 2

Welcome Pagoda, Dedon Island, Saguiro, The Philippines. Photo: Massimo Vitali

DEDON Island_photo Massimo Vitali_PH 1

Dedon Island, Siargao, Cebu, the Philippines. Photo: Massimo Vitali

Inspiration: TSM (Trish South Management); W Magazine

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