Lighter side of branding | Leave it to the Italians… [1]

Uomo-by-Ermenegildo-Zegna_IT-1Leave it to the Italians and their country’s delicious coast (and their aesthetically-pleasing human species to create the right image for this TVC for a new men’s fragrance UOMO” by Ermenegildo Zegna.

Casa Malaparte_Uomo by 11

Casa Malaparte and its magical setting on Italy’s Capri Island provided the backdrop for Zegna’s new men’s fragrance in their TVC.


Casa Malaparte, Capri Island, Italy. Photography: Marco Guerra,NYC

What peaked my interest in this TVC was not only the beautiful photography and setting – it’s on the Island of Capri – but also the modern house with the dramatic setting, on a craggy rock, with stairs that climb the entire side of the house that takes one upstairs to the rooftop. Casa Malaparte is the name of that magical house, and the gorgeous photography comes from Jonas Åkerlund.

casa malaparte Movie star houses

The ultimate movie house, Casa Malaparte, which stars in Jean-Luc Goddard’s Le Mépris (1963). A striking red rectangular block perched on Punta Massullo on the Isle of Capri in Italy, it was conceived by architect Adalberto Libera for Italian writer Curzio Malaparte, then actually built by Malaparte and a local stone mason Adolfo Amitrano.

… conceived as a modern monument to masculinity. It is the compelling story of a man with an undeniably strong appetite for life who is on a personal quest to find his equal.

As the Zegna Uomo man, brought to life by Zegna’s classic ambassador model Ryan Burns, pursues his goal, the action pulses with the radiant energy of a natural phenomenon. First taking the viewer on an elegant thrill ride along winding cliffs that are both tantalizing and dynamic with their beauty and suggestion of danger.

The narrative takes an ascendant turn at Casa Malaparte, an autobiographical and architectural feat built with a reverence for its unique Italian landscape. Its iconic presence makes it a most fitting landmark for this modern fragrance icon. Envisioned and built in 1942 on a peninsula on the Isle of Capri by Italian journalist and writer Curzio Malaparte, Casa Malaparte is a testament to masculine determination and intensity, and therefore a perfect centerpiece of the Uomo film.


le mepris casa malaparte 3 Movie star houses

Famous for its eccentric design, Casa Malaparte is loved and loathed in equal part by students of architecture. Today, it opens occasionally for cultural events, but sadly is mostly only visible from afar.

Casa Malaparte_Uomo by Zegna_www.zegna.com_2

Casa Malaparte from a distance.

Inspiration: Marco Guerra Studio


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