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I’m currently working on a brand strategy project for a major Indonesian property and hotel development company. We’ve been tasked with strengthening their hotel portfolio and brand architecture, repositom their existing hotels and crestong new hotel brands to better compete in Indonesia’s fast growing travel indistry. In the process, we’ve conducted extensive research on the subject of hotels, hotel brand strategy and rebranding (read: brand repositioning). Asia’s expanding economy, across virtually the entire region is witnessing a rise of a middle class that is fast acquiring a taste of travel, fueling a hotel boom from Tashkent to Tegal. The growth of new hotel development is spurned in large part to the explosive growth fo LCC’s (Low Cost Carriers = Budget Airlines), where more people are traveling then ever before, in all the main travel categories of business and leisure travel.

Logo_Marriott_NEW-LOGO_dian-hasan-branding_US-1One of world’s biggest hotel companies, US-based Marriott Hotels & Resorts, recently announced a major rebranding exercise. This is a breath of fresh air as Marriott is better known for rather staid and safe hotels that excels at providing good quality accomodation, but is lacking in the “personality department”. The Marriott name is synonymous with consistent quality of hotels across all key hotel categories, from limited service, full service, long/extended-stay, to resorts and time-shares.


Marriott does, however, have a unique “secret sauce” for its business formula, owning hotel brands that very few people are aware of, like Ritz Carlton and Bulgari. Brands that don’t carry any direct association with the Marriott marquee.

I love the copy for Marriott’s accompanying new campaign entitled Travel Brilliantly:

This is not a hotel. It’s an idea that travel should be brilliant. The promise of space as expansive as your imagination. This is not business as usual. It’s a new take on taking a meeting. A new way to inspire, create, and yes… dream. Becuase it’s not only about where you’re staying. It’s about where you’re going. Marriott, travel brilliantly.

Inspiration: Branding Business from RiechesBaird Brand Consulting, Los Angeles; Skift

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