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“Life is really short. Your time here is finite and your days are calculated. Live it up! Travel more, travel often, getting lost is the best way to find yourself. Dream. Everything that’s real today was a dream yesterday. Explore new places. Fail often, fail fast. Create memories. Meet new people. Write your story.  Live a fast paced life but don’t forget to pause and reflect every now and then. Have fun. Money is the root of (almost) all evil good so make lots of money. Don’t judge anyone. Savor every bite. Appreciate differences, this world would be a boring place without them. Taste is the most captivating sense of all. Cherish every meal. Be aware of what’s happening around you. Love is the purest form of all emotions. Love completely, genuinely, and honestly. Change is the only constant in life, embrace it with open arms. Zoom out often, a different perspective will help.”  

~ The Maddiction Manifesto

Inspiration: Maddiction

About dianhasan

Brand Storyteller, Travel Writer, Speaker, Creative Writer & Thinker - avid observer of randomness in everyday life - Sustainable Business, Eco Matters, Sustainable Urban Issues, Architecture, Heritage Conservation, Innovation & Brand-Strategy, Cross-Cultural Communications, Travel, Tourism & Lifestyle.
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