Destination Branding | Morocco

Everyone’s heard of Morocco’s alluring beauty, and her captivating cities of Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fez. Here’s a great look at the country throught the eyes of an Italian cineast, taken from “Feel Guide” blog

Italian filmmaker Leonardo Dalessandri is the creative wizard behind this unbelievably gorgeous video shot in Morocco on the streets of Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes el Bali and Casablanca. In just over 3 minutes we are taken on a remarkable journey of color, beauty, culture, and humanity. As the video progresses, the shots become increasingly fast-paced, and although its accelerated pace is antithesis to the slowness of life in Morocco, the density of beauty here is not. Adding to the powerful visuals is an equally brilliant soundtrack courtesy of renowned American composer John Adams and his composition “Grand Pianola Music”.

MoroccoVideo3 The Real Casablanca: Watch This Mindblowing Video Love Letter Dedicated To The Beauty Of MoroccoMoroccoVideo2 The Real Casablanca: Watch This Mindblowing Video Love Letter Dedicated To The Beauty Of MoroccoMoroccoVideo1 The Real Casablanca: Watch This Mindblowing Video Love Letter Dedicated To The Beauty Of Morocco

Inspiration: Feel Guide

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4 Responses to Destination Branding | Morocco

    • dianhasan says:

      Hi Helen, thx 4 finding my blog and for reposting. Glad u liked it. Morocco is high on my bucket list! Heard Marrakech is one of those magical places that’s often compared to Bali for her uniqueness.

      Let’s stay connected. Good luck w/ ur jewelry biz!

      Ciao, Dian

  1. THIS is the Morocco I fell in love with. I can’t wait to return. The High Atlas is mine.

    • dianhasan says:

      Hi Nicholas, glad we’re connected now! Yeah I know from Max u enjoyed Morocco immensely, and other EU destinations throughout summer 2013. U globe trotter! Travel is addictive indeed. Now it’s time to put ur biz thinking cap on & figure out how 2 b successful on ur own (if u decide the corp rat race is not 4 u),so u can continue to support ur globe traipsing, nomadic lifestyle. Ha..ha..

      Let’s start d conversation! Shoot me Qs or any thoughts/doubts u hv about ur idea of starting ur own biz in d media/advertising/branding/marketing world.

      Ciao, d

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