Decoding Indonesia’s Economy: intriguing insights from McKinsey [2]


Still on the intriguing subject of Indonesia, and her economy, that has sailed away smoothly without any major hiccups during the past decade, much of which was marred by the ongoing global recession.

Here’s some trivia on some of Indonesia’s interesting facts (from various sources. Infographics on this page designed by Boston-based Graphic Designer, Annelisa Ogle).

  • Indonesia is an archipelagic nation comprising 17,508 island (give and take… differs between high tide and low tide!)
  • Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country.
  • Is home to the world’s largest Muslim population.
  • Is a Republic, with an elected legislature and president.
  • Indonesia’s motto is: “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” (“Unity in Diversity”).
  • Indonesia’s Red and White national flag looks like Monaco’s, and Poland’s (when turned upside down).
  • Is home to approximately 300 distinct native ethnicities, each with their own language and customs.
  • Home to among the fastest-growing and most active Social Media users in the world.

Infographics_Indonesia_Annelise-Ogle_2As with my previous post, allow me to shed some more light on what makes Indonesia tick. The answer: “It’s her youth, dude!” They’re kickin’ ass, texting, BBM-ing, blogging, twitting, and facebooking, linkedin-happy, instragraming, and path-finding away in Social Media.

Indonesia’s population is among the youngest in the world.

Indonesia has one of the world’s youngest demographic profiles – 60% of the population is below 30 years of age, and the population is growing at a rate of 2.5 million a year. The United Nations Population Dvision estimates that the population could reach 280 million by 2030 from around 240 million in 2011. We expect around 70% of the overall population in 2030 to be of working age (between 15 and 64) and 10% to be below the age of 15. (McKinsey Global Institute: “The archipelago economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s potential,” September 2012)

This is demonstrated via the above graphics, created by Annalise Ogle.

Indonesia’s young and expanding population could total 280 million by 2030, up from 240 million today. Unlike demographic trends in the many economies that are aging – including some in Asia – we expect those in Indonesia to remain positive until 2025 and contribute an annual 2.4% to overall economic growth until 2030 (McKinsey Global Institute: “The archipelago economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s potential,” September 2012)

Inspiration: Annalise Ogle; McKinsey Global Institute Report; Social Memos

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