Hotel Branding | Building brands that connect emotionally with customers [1]

For someone who often travels for a living, I’m intimately familiar with hotels. So hotels’ brand strategy is always an interesting topic to follow. As with all other brand-building exercises, the key remains the same: the ability to connect emotionally with customers. And hotels are often the true experts at this, they know that guests are their captive audience, spending real time relaxing, reenergizing, recuperating, and just plain sleeping in hotel rooms across the world. Because hotels know all too well that regardless of the star classification, every hotel MUST deliver a comfortable accommodation – translating into “THE PROMISE OF A GOOD NIGHT’S REST”, at a service level that is personable and memorable.

Logo_Vivanta-by-Taj-Hotels_IN-1Here’s a great print ad from Vivanta Hotels & Resorts, a boutique hotel brand from Indian hotel giant, Taj Hotels. The print ad was commissioned to promote the launch of the new hotel brand in 2010.

I particularly like the phrase at the end that states: “A day is not a day, but a million moments waiting to surprise you”. And all the different activities that one can do at a hotel perfectly captures what a hotel is all about.


Twist. Turn. Relax. Energise.
Ideate. Confer. Learn. Unlearn.
Race. Pause. Celebrate. Introspect.
Escape. Capture. Buzz. Chill.
Sin. Indulge. Arrive. Depart.
Whisper. Shout. Groove. Waltz.
Plan. Unplan. Rock. Roll.
Evolve. Transform. Create. Absorb.
Play. Work. Shine. Seek. Do. Undo.

A day is not a day, but a million moments waiting to surprise you.
It’s time to discover a brand new signature in hospitality.

Inspiration: Best Media

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