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PhotobucketIn our ever-connected world of today, being a true original is increasingly challenging. Just look at these similar looking logos.

Grassroots Global Development Foundation, Denver, CO, USA;  Google; Groupon

The art of capturing an entire company’s ideas, ethos, knowledge and the future in one logo and corporate identity is an integral part of visual branding. There’s of course much more to branding than meets the eye!

Most of today’s organizations are well-versed in this most fundamental of brand-building exercises. Some may still struggle to design an identity that communicates their values and positive traits, while others come up with eerily similar-looking designs, albeit representing vastly different organizations, across a multitude of industries across the world.

I’m very visual, and my mission is simple… identify and share similar Logos and Corporate Identities. I will, however, add a footnote, as I’ve drawn some interesting comments on my past blog posts…  all opinions on the logo similarities are entirely mine, and therefore highly subjective. My main point is to demonstrate that we’re all inspired by the same things. Now more than ever, thanks to the internet.

To date I’ve come across myriad doppelgängers, look-alikes, wannabes, copies, or plain plagiarism. Some may of course have been inspired by the same ideas. It’s a visual identity collection that’s growing by the day. Here’s a look at some.

There’s an old French proverb: “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose,” first coined by French columnist and novelist Alphonse Karr (1808-1890), which loosely translates to: “The more we change, the more we stay the same.”

Before the internet, we all operated in virtual seclusion and isolation, as individuals in our world. Collaboration only occurred in Multinational Corporations that operated across different countries and cultures. In the business world, ideas and innovation spread in limitation, only to organizations that had the resources and means to communicate

Fast forward to the Internet and Social Media era, connecting the human race like never before in history, like a labyrinth of busy bees.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-IN, Groupon, Instagram, Pinterest, Path and Crowdsourcing are becoming a common part of our vocabulary and lifestyle… through which mediums we are connected through our work, and the objects that inspire us.

And for all the digital natives out there (yes, all you mortals conceived after 1980s when internet and email was part of daily vocabulary – in any lingo), I have no doubt that life without the internet is quity simply… NO LIFE AT ALL!

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