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Study: Wearing Designer Labels Makes You More Successful

Fashionistas are gonna LOVE THIS!! Interesting finding on the link between designer labels and perception of success, published in The Economist, on a study conducted in The Netherlands. A recent study found that people who wear visible designer logos are … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Separated at birth?

If you think logos, corporate identity and any other brand logos are truly original these days… think again. There’s plenty company, the world over. Whether doppelgängers, look-alikes, wannabes, copies, or plain plagiarism, similarities abound. Sheer coincidence? Hey, in the era of internet, … Continue reading

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The world’s tallest hotel: the sky is the limit

In man-made structures the tallest skyscraper always protrudes the skyline and stands out. Just like at a cocktail party where the tallest person is easily spotted and commands instant recognition… skyscrapers are no different. So what happens when the tallest … Continue reading

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