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Green & Chic | Rooftop living, transformed

Architects who live by the mantra of bringing better, more sustainable and responsible creations to the forefront, continue to push the green architecture envelope. This cool rooftop apartment in London is one such example. Straddling the roof of a Victorian-era … Continue reading

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Pranksters Unite… adding zest & fun to NYC life! [3]

Inspiration: Improv Everywhere

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Pranksters Unite… adding zest & fun to NYC life! [2]

Here’s how the “United Pranksters of Improv Everywhere” gig went down. This is from their old 2007 event when they gathered hundreds of men who went shirtless and wreak havoc on the shirtless male models at an Abercrombie & Fictch … Continue reading

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Pranksters Unite… adding zest & fun to NYC life! [1]

If you thought only Ashton Kutcherof MTV’s Punk’d fame, or George Clooney could pull off pranks and put people on the spot, they’re not the only ones who can have the last laugh! Turns out there’s an organization and community … Continue reading

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Stats + Facts | How Europe funds her historic relics maintenance

And I’ve always wondered how budget-crunched European cities (well some that is…) keep up with the maintenance of their thousand year old relics that are strewn all over their urban landscape. One that tourists the world over flock to like … Continue reading

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Quotes + Thoughts | Cities are the true catalysts of growth

A pioneering urban economist offers fascinating, even inspiring proof that the city is humanity’s greatest invention and our best hope for the future. America is an urban nation. More than two thirds of us live on the 3 % of … Continue reading

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Lighter Side of Branding | Evolution of Urbanite Sapiensis

This image brought me smiles… While researching the net for the evolution of logos and corporate identity, I stumbled upon this picture, which appears totally random. A pun of sorts of how we’ve evolved from active homosapiensis erectus to.. well, … Continue reading

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2011: Among 7 billion of us, is there a typical person out there?

National Geographic examines the world’s population growth in a 2011 series, where the year will see global population reach 7 billion. Among the many interesting things is a look into whether there’s a typical human that meets certain predetermined traits. … Continue reading

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2011: 7 billion humans and counting…

Did you ever pause to ponder about the population explosion on planet Earth? A recent National Geographic program examines the latest population data. The following simple statement puts it all into perspective: “5 babies are born every second, 267 babies … Continue reading

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