About the Author

dianek_2_6This is my personal blog, where I share my thoughts and observations about the world around us.

The many topics invariably include Tourism, Globalization, Branding, Innovation, Sustainable Businesses, Eco-Responsibility, Travel, Marketing, Architecture, Heritage Preservation, Social Change & EntrepreneurshipManagement, People, Lifestyle…. and just about anything else that catches my eye (and attention).

Living in a globally-interconnected world is an oxymoron, and the advent of technology has enabled the human race to stay connected…. more than ever before… via a myriad of channels of communication.

My hope for this personal blog is as a forum where I can share my thoughts and ideas with anyone from across the world who shares a common interest.

If you enjoy my thoughts, please tell me, and if you don’t… or even find it offensive… tell me even sooner! I’d appreciate feedback and insight from anyone… as I firmly believe that any feedback is an opportunity for improvement.

Words are like eggs, when they are hatched they have wings.

~ Traditional Malagasy proverb from Madagascar

Information that empowers you to see with your eyes, listen with your head, and react with your heart!

Live your life, explore your world, make a difference! Keep discovering!


Brand Story Teller

Email: dianhasan@gmail.com
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